Dandelion: rant and lazy guide

It’s my summer break, and I had time to play a lot of games, but my last acquisition was this otoge: Dandelion -Wishes brought to you (PC). It’s by a Korean company, Cheritz. It has English subtitles and can be found on Steam, so hurray for facilitated access and gameplay. And as one friend remarked: “it’s one of a few companies that is actually giving a shit to Western markets“, so let’s give some props to them.


Does it qualify as furry if the ears don’t show? I’m asking for a friend…

 So far, I’ve played one full route (and additional time messing things up and being generally dumb). The character design is pretty, the story is interesting enough, and the soundtrack is nice. I like the fact that you actually have to invest some time in the protagonist, although she only has three attributes to be concerned about: femininity, beauty and artistic skill. Meh.

Anyway, the protagonist is Heejung, a twenty-something college student who majors in business and participates in the Art Club activities. She’s an A-class student with a decent life, but her mother is the High Expectations Asian Father Mother trope (why, Korean people?? why are the old folks in your TV dorama/otoge/movies so mean and terrifying??). The old hag constantly calls her a failure, because she’s supposed to succeed in life and THEN be happy. Just, go be miserable for a while, dear daughter.


“I won’t cooperate with your B-class meme! This shit was done on Paint! You fail life!”

Of course, Heejung suffers from a problem called being a twenty-something and still not knowing exactly what to do with your own life a.k.a. being normal, which is far from an original concept, but at least it gives her character something I a lot of people can understand.

However, one day, SOMEONE leaves a basket full of bunnies (three) and kitties (two) by Heejung’s bed. And then… may the odds be ever in your favour!
You spend one season or so with all the boys in their animal forms, which I confess I wasn’t expecting. Three months, you guys… I hoped they would transform into their humanoid forms earlier, but that was just me being anxious.
There’s the black cat, cool guy Jisoo, and the orange cat, cute guy Jiyeon; and we also have the bunnies: gentleman-like silver-haired Jihae, jail bait juvenile white-haired Jieun, and douchebag snappy blond-haired Jiwoo.

I’ll make this post into a half-assed guide (because: laziness and not enough hours).
One complaint I have about the game is the lack of explanation on controls, and general items and menus. Ok, it’s no rocket science, but it would be better if you knew what to do before you’ve already made an irreversible choice.

DANDELION: A Quick Guide for Dummies (Like Me)


I used both my keyboard and mouse to play. Mostly the mouse, because I don’t know the keyboard shortcuts for this game, except for the obvious Enter. Yeah. It’s THAT bad. Use the left click to select/confirm stuff and the right click to open the game general menu, featuring Save/Load, Status, Title, Exit, Quick Save/Load, Options and that kind of thing.
EDIT: After a long time, I’ve re-installed the game to confirm some keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a list:
F11 or F -> Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
Ctrl -> Skip mode
Q -> Quick save
H or R -> Turn off/on the text bubble
S -> Save screenshot
Esc -> Open menu bar
Other than that, you can use the arrow keys to navigate pretty much everything, and Enter (and sometimes the space key) to confirm choices. Tip: if you press up/down and it doesn’t alternate between the option on a list, try pressing left to select the menu first.

~General Tips~

  • Make sure your cursor is REALLY hovering over the quick save button before clicking. (Or learn the keyboard shortcut…) In some screens, I lost my chances to quick save precisely because the cursor wasn’t exactly over the button.
  • I advise you to quick save every time you see the sentence Today is [whatever date]. (Unless your vital stats are really REALLY bad…) You cannot quick save in each and every screen, so if you mess up a particular day, you can always start from the beginning.
  • Similarly, quick save every time you see the sentence You’ve encountered [character you’re trying to woo]. After this prompt, you’ll have to choose which action you’re going to take. If your character disliked having his crotch stared at, you can always go back and change your choice. 😛
  • Sure-fire way to know if a character enjoyed the interaction? Check the relationship points before and after your actions. In daily interactions the characters may let out little hearts to show that they appreciated what you did, and, I’m not entirely sure this is right, but it seems to me that the best results are the yellow and red hearts. I can’t tell if the blue hearts make any difference. Sometimes there’s no indication whether they enjoyed it or not. =/
  • DO NOT let your Pressure bar explode. It’s instant Game Over; you simply collapse on the street. To keep the Pressure low, study when more than a half of the bar is full. (Use the bookshelves of your room; the Study. prompt is there.)
  • DO NOT let your Stress bar explode. It’s not Game Over, but your friendzoned friend from college, Heejae, will invite you out in a trap date, and this will obviously hurt your relationship points. Be especially careful not to let both Pressure AND Stress bars fill up. (Use the sofa in the living room; the Take a rest. prompt is there.)
  • DO NOT try to get relationship points with everyone at the same time, even though this will hurt your feelings. This will only get you to the general Bad End, in which friendzoned guy tells you how much he loves you because you look like his first love… Err…

~Daily Interactions Menu~

As you can see, the screen shot below shows the daily interactions menu (I’m the one calling it that, I don’t think this page has a name…).


Notice: I regret not choosing the ginger cat instead.

On the left side of the screen you can see the date, your stats, and your Heart Gauge (more on this one later…). Keep an eye on the Stress and Pressure bars, ok?

The right side shows a map of your apartment with locations of the boys (in this shot, only Jiwoo was there). Before choosing a particular action, you can enter every room — and go back if you want to. If you choose to exit the apartment (bottom left) on a weekday you’ll have three additional options: Store, Go to work, Book Store.

Finally, the bottom right shows each animal/guy and their relationship points, once you hover the cursor over their pics. (My invisible cursor was hovering over the black cat. I had 100 points out of 100 at that time.)

~The Apartment Actions~

Every room have one or two clickable objects that open a menu of possible actions. Depending on the action you choose, you can raise the three basic stats (Femininity, Beauty, Art Skills), and/or lower the Stress/Pressure bars, and/or interact with the male characters. Think The Sims, but… more otoge. I’ll list each room, object and action possible below.

♦ plants
Water the plants.
(Talk to the plants.)
♦ washing machine
Do laundry.

Living room
♦ TV
(Watch infomercials.)
(Watch soap operas.)
(Watch documentary.)
Watch the educational channel.
♦ sofa
Take a rest.
(Take a nap.)

♦ bookshelves
(Read magazine.)
(Study art.)
(Read a Harlequin novel.)
♦ desk
(Do homework.)
♦ wardrobe
(Dress up.)
♦ dressing-table
(Put on make up.)
♦ bed

♦ bathtub
Take a bubble bath.
♦ sink
(Skin care.)

♦ refrigerator
Arrange mixed.
Arrange meatie.
♦ kitchen cabinets

NOTE: I have no clue about the refrigerator. Those actions do not raise stats. Still, you can find the guys standing there.

The actions between (parenthesis) have to be unlocked. But how? Aha!

~The Heart Gauge~

Once you complete some actions like taking bubble baths or sketching, you’ll receive points that fill your Heart Gauge, that little thing beside the protagonist’s face. It doesn’t take too long.

dandelionscreens8Then you just have to click the big shiny heart. The Reward window will open, and you’ll be able to choose between unlocking some action or decreasing the effects of stress/pressure (this is permanent, and really helpful). I basically just created this guide because I ignored that stupid heart until November or so — and kept waiting for that locked actions to unlock by themselves… You can imagine my anger. 😡

~Status & Inventory~

If you have been paying attention, you can access the Status page by right-clicking anywhere and opening the game menu. It will look like this:

dandelionscreens3If you click the coin pouch, you’ll open the inventory window, where you can use or discard items, and view your money.
Aside from that, the only thing here I want to comment about is the eyesight status. You can buy a Vision improvement medication for $200 at the Store. I’ve read on other guides that it helps you find character stamps when you go out on dates, but I haven’t proved it.

By clicking the guys’ names, you can access their information (duh), although you can only view the relationship points in that daily interactions page.

dandelionscreens4You may want to pay attention to the first section: the requirements. They’re essential to get good endings. The character stamps are only necessary when you finish the routes. You need 30 of each character to “pay” for extra CGs.

~Items & Prices & Uses~

On weekdays, you can go to the Store or the Book Store to buy and sell things. Every store has a Gift corner (products for your beau) and an Others section (products for yourself).
On weekends, you can go out on dates with your beloved bi-dimensional man and look for items or, if you’ve chosen the Book Store as your dating place, you can shop there like a normal person. The general store is not available on weekends.

[gifts] (items on store vary; alphabetical order)
Apple Jigsaw Puzzle ($30)
Bathroom goods ($30)
Bookmark ($1)
Calvin Climb Underwear ($150)
Channel bag ($1000)
Dictionary ($60)
Fancy headphones ($400)
Gujji Sunglasses ($250)
Infomercial Catalog ($2)
Kitchen utensil ($40)
Leather Gloves ($30)
Leather Jacket ($80)
MakBook Cloud ($1800)
Necklace ($200)
Necktie Pin ($90)
Orange Soap ($3)
Pick-me-up ($5) -> can be used to lower your stress stats
Pony Station ($200)
Postcard with fish drawing ($2)
Romantic DVD ($28)
Suit ($350)
Tickets to the Island ($1000)

Economical Cosmetics ($12) -> all cosmetics are used to raise your Beauty (logical, huh)
Decent Cosmetics ($24)
Fancy Cosmetics ($36)
Bikini ($100) -> if you don’t buy this one, you can’t show off on the beach, hehe
Vision improvement medication ($200) -> apparently helps you find more stamps

Book Store
[gifts] (alphabetical order)
101 Healing Methods ($25)
Andrew Carnegie’s Leadership ($40)
Comic Book Collection ($28)
Delicious Apple Recipes ($6)
Men Are All About Power ($50)
Power to See the Future ($19)
The Ultimate Book for Cool Guys ($19)
The World of Western Art ($32)

Reference Book (Novice) ($14) -> if I’m not mistaken, this series helps the Pressure bar
Reference Book (Intermediate) ($24)
Reference Book (Advanced) ($36)
Art for Beginners ($16) -> you wouldn’t guess what the ART books affect… xD
Becoming an Artist ($32)
110 Works of Art ($48)

(Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the names of those things, haha.)
When you go out on dates, there will be a moment in which you can choose between taking a particular action or scavenging the scenery to find items. You can only hold up to THREE items. This is your only opportunity to find character stamps, so my method is: quick save right before the date, quick load until you find the items you want. At some point, I managed to find four (!) stamps in one place. And there are other interesting items you can use on yourself, or give away as gifts, or sell. Just… be patient.

I think this pretty much covers what I’ve learned, and what I’d like other players to know when first playing this game. I’ve been using these guides to get to the endings I want:

Fantasy Fan -> most helpful; incomplete, but pretty accurate and useful
Otome Sweetheart -> especially the character guides
Chudah’s Guide on Steam -> especially the character guides

I hope it helps poor unfortunate souls like me, who can’t figure things out before constantly game-overing…


4 responses to “Dandelion: rant and lazy guide

  1. Ah, Dandelion. I miss this game! Jiwoo seemed like a major douchebag to me too, but then he grew on me. XD

    I’m glad you found my guide useful! Looking at yours, mine is really lacking by comparison.

    • I hope he grows on me too, because my first impressions of him are not good! xD
      Your guide really helped me, thank you for posting it! I know it takes a lot of time and effort to write down these things while you’re playing. 🙂

  2. I’m trying to play the game without a mouse connected to my laptop. And I’m having a hard time. I’m trying to raise my stats with jisoo by petting him but I can’t seem to do it. Anyone know how to without a mouse?

    • Hi Lauren,
      It’s been a while since I played this game, but I’ve just installed it again to test the shortcut keys. So far:
      F11 or F: toggle Fullscreen/Windowed
      Ctrl: Skip mode (don’t know exactly how it works, though)
      Q: Quick save
      H or R: Turn on/off text bubble
      S: Save a screenshot
      ESC: Open/close menu bar
      Otherwise, you can navigate pretty much all options with the arrow keys and press Enter or the space key (sometimes) to confirm choices. If you press up/down and the options don’t change, try pressing the left arrow. I don’t know if that will help you, but I hope it does. 🙂

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