Bite-sized notes #1


This category of posts was created to publish short commentaries about… things. Just short, random bullshit. It’s sorta like Twitter, but without the strict 140 character limit and the hashtags.

  1. Goodness gracious! I suck so much at Castlevania: Lords of Shadow that now there’s a black hole where it used to be my head. I’ve underestimated the Normal level — currently learning a little lesson or two in humility, and playing as Squire.
  2. A masked gamer unboxes  a PS Move controller in his video on YouTube and proceeds to test it by playing Ninja Gaiden 3. One of the early scenes in the game shows a female-shaped giant creature being slew in a gory sequence. The excited gamer says: “As you all can see, the game starts with a very sexy cut scene…”. In a sudden realization, I find out I’ve been mistaking the idea of sexy my whole life.
  3. Looking through my spam folder, I see an e-mail with the following subject: “COCKZILLA is the word“. xD
  4. The stages of sleep: from “I wasn’t sleeping!” to that part of the dream when every bathroom you find is either crowded or malfunctioning.


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