My Fair Otome – Hakuōki: Heisuke Tōdō

Heisuke is the second one.

Heisuke is the second one, from left to right.

I confess: Heisuke was the lowest in my priorities list. How he ended up as the third guy? Well, I heard his route was one of the shortest… and one of the cutest.

He’s the youngest of the guys, his voice annoys me to no end, and, judging by the first option that leads to him in the game, he likes you basically for being a girl. I must admit that I was pretty much surprised by how wrong I was about his route.

Despite all the cons, if I was to choose one guy who is actually fit for Chizuru, it would be this one. He’s sweet from the start to the end (even when she’s being accused of whatever she’s being accused to be kept a prisoner in the Shinsengumi headquarters). He doesn’t suggest any kind of humiliation (do you hear me, Sano? :P), he even stands by her side on most matters.

Also, in his route you’re given the chance to actually participate the action in a lot of occasions. No “run and hide” or “stay at the headquarters and obey“. You can actually help him sometimes, considering he’s not exactly the toughest of the guys. But that’s an interesting point: in Sano’s route you had a lot of that alpha male bullshit; in Saito’s, the man is the epitome of cool and god-like character. Heisuke is basically the guy that exists and is full of doubts and weaknesses. To me, this is the sort of thing that help the character to be more likable and almost realistic.

The true villain of his route is Sannan, and that’s fine, but why the fuck do they needed Sen-hime to develop this part?? I think it was utterly idiotic to use her character like that. She was never my favorite character, but here we had a female role that wasn’t weak and helpless. You see, she offered herself to bear Kazama’s child in your place so you didn’t have to worry about being pursued by Mr. Psycho-rapist-oni. Mind you, she even made a clear point of “whatever, I’ll have your child, but marriage has nothing to do with this”, which was one of the most unexpected development of her part. But no, the creators had to SOMEHOW manage to get her kidnapped and abused by Sannan so we could have him as a true villain? WTF? Wasn’t Sannan villainesque enough just by himself? And I think it would be very unlikely that a tough demon princess, supposedly well-guarded by another tough demons, got caught by insane horny Sannan. That’s just unbelievable. 😛

Oh, but Heisuke.
His design is… The least appealing, in my opinion. It gets a little better after the westernized remodeling.

Eh, kinda.

It tells a lot about a character when I prefer him in Western clothing. (Hint: not ma thang.)

He was dubbed by Hiroyuki Yoshino. As I said before, his voice annoyed me, but maybe it was just me — why so high-pitched? Dx

Well, not much to say about this guy. The real-life Heisuke Tōdō (1844-1867) had a sword that linked him to the lord of the Tsu domain, which is why he was thought to be the bastard of Takayuki Tōdō, said lord (insert “You know nothing Heisuke Snow!” meme). Heisuke was killed when he left Shinsengumi with that Itō guy. So young!

Next route: Hijikata Toshizô.


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