The Obligatory Self-Introduction

…, bitch.

Born somewhere south in Brazil during the early ’90s, Maru has a rich interior life and still struggles to communicate with someone outside. (It’s not autism, though. It’s just plain stupidity.)

Because of her introspective nature, Maru grew up convinced that she was nearly a genius, but, by the time of her youth, she eventually understood that she was actually an arrogant, selfish, not-that-brilliant bitch. This could be due to her repeated encounters with failure and with really brilliant people who taught her valuable life lessons.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, Maru took interest in the Japanese culture. Obviously. Who could resist a gundam? No one. It started with anime, continued with dorama, and music, and literature. Nowadays it’s the folklore. It has something to do with Japanese aesthetic sense — although mono no aware isn’t really her thing.

As for hobbies, Maru tried a few, including drawing, writing, reading, playing video-games, crafting ugly things, organizing stuff, watching tutorials on YouTube, etc. However, nothing has proved better than sleeping.

Maru’s ideal is to have a room, food, wifi, sleeping hours, and to be of some use to society. Somehow.

[Basically, I’m an awkward hipster otaku (AHO).]

And I don’t like self-introductions that much. They’re kind of pointless. People are going to judge you by their own standards anyway.

The name and age should be enough, so: Maru, 22.


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